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About Jo

Joanna Ginns, on a mission to educate and empower women

My name is Joanna Ginns. I grew up in Market Harborough and have lived there all my life. After leaving school, I went on to do A-levels in Law, English and Psychology and pursued a career in the legal sector achieving a Certificate Diploma in Law and Practice. After studying for many years for what I believed I should be doing, I realised that what I in fact ‘should’ be doing is what makes me happy… health and fitness!
People always ask me if I have always been sporty. My answer, in all honesty, is, ISH.  I was quite often involved in Netball at primary School and used to swim for the local swimming club – I was average and often came about 3rd in my age group.  After moving onto secondary school the only sport I enjoyed was Hockey and regularly got myself out of doing PE if I could.  I think by the time I got to year 10 and 11 my attendance in PE was non existent.  This wasn’t because I was unfit or unable to do it, it all came down to confidence and feeling self conscious of my changing body in my younger teens.
From the age of about 16 I have yoyo dieted and exercised on and off.  I always went through phases and never found anything that I could really stick to or anything that actually worked, it was very much all or nothing.  I’ve tried them all and all I’ve ever really got from them is more unhealthy habits and psychological issues with food.
I finally decided to move into personal training as a career in 2011.  It’s been tough and I know all too well the struggles people go through to reach each individual goal no matter how big or small both on a personal and professional level. Everyone has a story and I won’t bore you with mine right now but I’m always happy to tell it if you ask me.
As strange as it may sound (as the stereotype for trainers is that they ooze confidence and spend most of their time at the gym), another reason I became a personal trainer is because I never enjoyed working out at the gym and often felt self conscious and insecure.  I used to get fed up and gave up after (I’m ashamed to say) about 3 weeks!  I knew other women must have experienced the same feelings so I have now found where my passion really lies – In helping women like me live better, healthier more confident lives without spending hours in the gym or eating next to nothing!

Body Beautiful Program

Body Beautiful coaches women all around the UK and can GUARANTEE you will see fantastic results in just 28 days!

Body Beautiful educates and empowers women to stop dieting for good, by adopting a healthy, loving relationship with food. We aim to create an easy to maintain lifestyle which is manageable whatever your schedule. We believe that incorporating health and fitness into our lifestyle should be enjoyable, easy and most of all rewarding. I’m going to teach you how to eat more, exercise less and love doing it!

​It is not a bootcamp and it is not a diet. It is a lifestyle. Diets have expiration dates and therefore aren’t long term sustainable healthy lifestyle choices and are often doing you more harm than good! Let's be honest... who wants to live a life where they can't have a glass of wine or a slice of cake every now and then? I certainly don't! But I do want to live my life knowing how to look after myself, keep myself healthy, feel good in my skin and feel confident in my body.

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28 Day Worldwide Nutrition Coaching

28 Day Worldwide Nutrition Coaching



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28 Day Group Training Plan



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